General Policies

Training Sessions

  • You need to sign Consent to Exercise / Release of Liability form before your first session.
  • REPS must have your current information on a Health Questionnaire before your first session, and you must update it whenever there may be changes in your health and medical issues. You need to obtain a Medical Release from your doctor if you’ve had health or orthopedic problems and/or if the release form is requested by REPS.
  • If you have at least one personal training session per week you can additionally use the cardio-vascular training equipment on your own whenever REPS is open, first come, first served for a small fee of $ 5.00 per visit / max. 1 hour. We kindly ask for your consideration to limit your use of a specific cardio-training machine to 30 minutes when others are waiting. The cardio-vascular equipment at REPS includes an elliptical trainer, a treadmill, a recumbent bike, 6 spin bikes, and a rowing machine. REPS does not provide unsupervised use (= workouts without a trainer) of its weight equipment, that is, REPS is exclusively a personal training studio.
  • Please arrive at minimum 5-10 minutes early, so that you may warm up prior to your training session. If you arrive late, the training session will not be extended.
  • During your sessions, you will learn how to use the equipment, stability balls, resistance bands, stretching exercises ,etc. We encourage you to ask your trainer questions to help you learn.

Hours of Operation

  • REPS Fitness and Training Center is open when we have client sessions.
  • We take clients 7 days a week, on weekdays 6am - 6pm (extra fee if earlier or later), and on weekends depending on our trainers' availability and client requests.
  • The best time to call for information is at 9am and 12noon.


  • Payment is due at the time of service.
  • In order for you to receive the package-based rates you need to pay the full amount in advance.
  • REPS or your trainer will inform you when you have used all your paid sessions and a new payment is due. Our online scheduling program will also send you an email when you opt-in to receive automated messages in regards to your account and program with REPS.


  • You must call REPS at 808-875-1066 for all cancellations and changes, and REPS informs your trainer.
  • We ask for this so that we do not lose an opportunity to schedule another client for the trainer.
  • To avoid being charged for reserved private sessions you must provide 24 hours notice of any change or cancellation. REPS will mark all late cancels and no-shows as a regular session with full fee. Switching your time to a different one the same day is still a late cancellation for the original time slot if you requested the change in less than 24 hours prior to you appointment.


Gym Etiquette/Courtesy to All REPS Clients

  • Please wear clean closed-toe athletic shoes. Use the outdoor doormat to remove grass and sand from your shoes before entering REPS.
  • For yoga/pilates in the small room and for the pilates reformer work in the main room you may wear just socks or be barefoot.
  • Your cell phone should be silenced inside REPS. This ensures you and others undisturbed time to exercise and get the most benefit from the session. If you must be able to receive calls during your workout please keep your phone on you with the ring volume low or on a silent vibration mode.
  • Let your trainer know if you feel the music should be different, and he/she will find something that is acceptable for all those present.
  • After your time on a treadmill, bike, or elliptical climber please tidy up the machine for it to be ready for the next person. Use the provided disinfecting wipes.
  • After your session please toss your towel in the basket and your water cup into the trash can.

REPS Fitness Philosophy

Stay Active, Be Fit, and Have Fun! Enjoy every day! Give yourself the benefits from all various forms of physical exercise. REPS-contracted fitness instructors can offer you: weight-training, pilates, yoga, tai chi, aerobics, Spinning, core-conditioning, kick-boxing, etc. Stay committed to your regimen while ready to try and add something new, too! Welcome to REPS Fitness Ohana!

Feedback and/or questions please contact
Hannu & Marjo Selin at 808-875-1066 or send email to

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